Senior HealthCare Professionals 
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Senior HealthCare Professionals
3102 Fallbrook Dr 150
HoustonTX 77038
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Welcome to Senior Health Pros

Since 1982, the team at our health insurance agency in Houston, TX, has been dedicated to giving you the best advice while helping you save money on the topic of Medicare and Medicaid. 

Our main focus is on Medicare, advantage plans, prescription plans, and Medicare supplements. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities and nuances involved in healthcare, insurance, and governmental programs. Through this knowledge and insight, we ensure you have the tools necessary to make informed decisions.

Impressive Customer Service

We staff professional, friendly employees who can answer your questions and provide the proper guidance you need. As your trusted advisor, we seek to learn about your unique life situation, so we can develop a plan that resolves your issues while improving your standard of living. 

We work around the clock to ensure you can receive the plans and benefits that you are entitled to. 

Do you need assistance with Medicare, advantage plans, prescription plans, and Medicare supplements? Then give us a call at (832) 517-0554 today. We offer FREE consultations and advice.

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